Water...yes we are surrounded by it...yes it is beautiful....but it's salt water and is unusable to us....not for long😜

Our boat, Kalani, carries a whopping 250 gallons of fresh water and that is awesome for us- cruising up we were water conscience but not too extreme. Our first boat, Yolo, was only 60 gallons so that was a different story- salt water baths were the norm! I even carried soap, shampoo and conditioner with me where ever we went for the odd chance we'd find a shower or hose we could use so we could save our precious water! Our tanks now tho can last us a month- that's not bad for cooking, drinking and showering. However, with life more at a stand still and more water consumption for my bad ass washer and the kids...Man these sweet little creatures are dirty- has got us singing a different tune. We need to be fully self suffient! Putting dock lines on, fenders on, engine running, pull mooring lines in to make our way to the dock to fill up on some water... Is a lot of work! It's pretty time consuming and with the kids although we are at home it takes concentration and both sets of hands to make the whole process easier.

Having a water maker now being out on the hook would make a world of a difference to us! Luuck is working hard and sometime doesn't have a single day off for weeks at a time(he's worked 32 days straight at one point)! That leaves me conserving more water not knowing when he'll be off to fill and doing a dock run with the kids alone will never EVER happen. I did attempt to do Jerry jugs once on my own...never EVER again....those 5 gallon jugs are heavy....5 gallons of water weighs about 40lbs!! Imagine the back breaking work it is to carry, to lift, to hold and pour all the while with a 27lb monkey baby climbing up your legs demanding attention and to be held while a 4 year old talks your ear off about's for the birds I tell you...the birds!!! The sound of the water pump continuing on is one of my worse reoccurring nightmares and every time I switch over to the next tank it hurts a little knowing soon a dreaded dock run is approaching or worse late night Jerry jug run- which has happened! My beloved wash machine is still getting used but not as often as I'd like- we normally do a power wash of laundry of 4 or 5 loads as we are simlotanisuly at the dock filling up on water. With a water maker I'd use the washer every single day....we have the dirty clothes for it that's for sure.

With all that said we finally after 5 years of cruising decided to bite the bullet and get a water maker to change our cruising lives for the better! This. Will. Be. Life. Changing. Now deciding on a water maker is no small feet- how much water to make, engine driven, 12v, generator, size, threw hulls, control panels, where to put the actual unit is enough to make your head spin. I still don't fully understand all of it- I probably never will- all I know is it takes the salt out of salt water!

We decided to go with CruiseRO Water- Rich, a fellow cruiser himself and the genius brains behind the making of the awesome water maker, is...wait for it....a cruiser- I know I already said that but he knows what it's like being out as a full time live aboard/cruiser. He's lived the life we are living...he knowsHaving to be power conscience, space awareness and the fact most full time cruisers are struggling to keep the dream alive, so more economically friendly than most units out there. All that and the fact that his units are module as well-'meaning you can interchange parts of need and will most likely be able to find them at any hardware store is a huge bonus! Also his customer service is to par- emails back within the hour people! That's huge- gotta question- email Rich- gotta problem? Email Rich- wanna just chit chat - email rich and he answers them all personally! It's amazingly great! His units are high out-put water makers that range from 20 gallons per hour to 40 gallons per hour! Surely he has one for you to fit your budget and need!

CruiseRO water maker design and philosophy is simple:
Build a water maker that is easy to install, operate, service and repair, but most importantly do it without a “Marine” or “Cruising Gear” price premium. Designing a low cost water maker with no proprietary parts, that lock you into an overpriced relationship for consumables or replacement parts, doesn’t just result in a cheaper water maker, but in a better water maker.

Beautifully said...beautiful idea... We can't wait to get our paws on one of these babies!!

We are simple folk. We are some cheap folk as well! So we chose the sm20 simple water maker. 20 gallons an hour! Luuck will be putting it in himself and anything with simple in the name we are sold! The big reason behind why we chose the simple is the control panel. We don't need a control panel to show us what's getting put in our tanks- and its less wiring... one less hole in our boat... one less thing for the kids to play less thing for me to yell to leave alone. So we will be excited to share with you how simple installation will be and documenting the whole thing!! Stay tuned for the installment!!