It's no secret I've always wanted a wash machine. On our first boat, Yolo, a 32 ft 60 gallon fresh water tank boat with no water maker I told Luuck " I bet we could fit a wash machine in the lazeratte...." He just gave me a wtf look followed by a little chuckle and didn't even bother to humor me. We ended up with a wonder washer... Better than nothing, I guess. It saved us a few trips to the laundry mat. All the cruisers that we came in contact with that did have a washer...I was envious...and had a million questions. So when we got a bigger boat...I was ready and well researched!

With a bigger boat(7 extra feet) I was determined to find a wash machine! I know they aren't the most logical on the boat-but then again neither are having babies on a boat! The spit ups, blow outs, and time and money it takes to do laundry at a laundry mat with thanks! Babies are mighty cute but mighty dirty...don't let their sweet coos and innocent baby smiles fool you! I was on a mission... I needed a small, 110v, power and water conservative   machine. I've found that all in the Golden mini full automatic wash machine!

This baby is compact- 16.1x16.5x25.2(inch)- it fit through our bathroom door!! That was a huge concern...we didn't want to have to take the whole door frame off for a couple more inches...or worse take some of the washer apart to fit it in. It's very light weight- 39.7lbs- Luuck was at work and I could not wait to get it on the boat so i did it myself with rio in the ergo carrier on my back- that was a sight! Luuck built a base to make it level- it does have an adjustable leg but we needed more...our bathroom floor has a slant to it and the base helps it stay in place too. We also strapped it into the wall to make sure when we are sailing it can't move around. It's an easy hook up you just screw the hose into the faucet and turn on the water. We took the shower out of the bathroom... we like washing our goods for all to see outside on the back of the boat... So we had the existing shower drain we now use for the washer drain. And you are now ready to get your clothes so fresh and so clean!!

Water intake: it has 3 different water levels and the capacity to wash a max of 6.2lbs of dirty clothes.
High: 7 gallons
Medium: 5 gallons
Low: 4 gallons

Not too much water and the rated power input is 235w
It has a wide variety of options for you washing needs 😜
Wash&Rinse&Spin 30min
Wash&Rinse 25min
Rinse&Spin 20min
Spin 5 min
Gentle 17 min

or you have the option to do any cycle separate.

I've been using it everyday and I absolutely LOVE It!! We use the gentle cycle mostly. It's super quite, clothes get clean and the spin dry is amazing- an hour for the clothes to dry in the Caribbean sunshine!! If you are like me and dream of a wash machine on a boat- I can highly recommend this one.

*Note: I'm not affiliated with this product in anyway