Dock life is great! Run outta water??? No problem... Let me just step off the boat to land, grab the hose and fill up the tank! I pad dead??? No worries let me plug it in next to the other iPads and cell phones already charging! Is it hotter than hairy monkey balls out there??? Who cares the ac is blowing and it's an Arctic Tundra inside our boat...hop aboard! Yup, there are major major bonuses being on the dock.

I've written before about how awesome Nanny Cay is...the marina of all marinas- it is awesome and we do love it! We could comfortable stay here...pretty much forever. The thought of leaving is kinda scary...why leave a good thing, right?? And that is exactly why we have decided to get off the dock and go onto a mooring ball in a new location. We got into a comfort zone here(which that's good, comfort zones can be great) but here's the thing about a comfort's a magical place where nothing ever grows! Why bother going out trying a new restaurant or grocery store or anything when the convenience is right here...we need new, we need to explore!

That including with we are paying an arm and a leg every month in "rent"- this awesomeness comes with a price and rightfully so. It hurts every month to hand over our hard earned cash to pay for a slip that is enough to be renting a 2 bed house. We bought a boat to have the freedom, to live "off the grid" so to speak, to not be a slave to bills. We are working just to live and that's not for us. We have dreams of doing other things else where in this world so we have to start saving to achieve that. And while here was a great spot to get accustomed to the new island we get to call home and get on our feet- I am truly thankful for this spot was great! It's time for us to find greatness else where and save some cash! To get back on the water, hatches open, swimming off the back, showering- shaving my legs and armpits off the back in the sunshine for all to see!! Goodbye dock life- hello beautiful openness!!

Our backyard...
Our backyard...


Well we've been here in Tortola now for just over 2 months. While some things aren't as we expected others are better than we imagined. We have adjusted well to life attached to the dock! The marina is one of the best we stayed in- Nanny Cay has got it going on. A nice beach full of great shells for Stormer to find "treasure", a nice pool, the best coffee shop ever( my lady, Rose, sees us daily) grocery store, and restaurants.

We have our daily "structure" when Luuck is at work! While I love to have some structure to our days a routine day in and day out...I can't do- sure Rio has scheduled nap times but I can "wear" him in his ergo carrier- so I try and change it up as much as possible. The first couple weeks was hard to find a was tough not having Luuck around- he hadn't worked in months so we were together 24/7 with the kids. Coming here we knew it'd be full on and back to work...which is good. I just wasn't prepared for the 2 kid juggle. Putting Rio down for naps/bedtime on his own was a big issue and still is-haha! The kid is stubborn! At the moment we have given into him- so he's back to sleeping on or with us- I will break this habit one day...until then I will totally enjoy the sweet baby cuddles- they won't last forever. He's getting so big- he has a set of chompers on him now and taking steps- he'll be full blown walking soon. Stormer, I started "homeschooling" (for now) and he goes to art tots and tumble tots on wednesday and Friday. We are keeping busy.

Luuck has been busting his butt working and he is loving his new gig with Scott on Aristocat doing day charters. He's home every night to tuck Stormer in and to bounce Rio back to sleep in the middle of the night- he has the night shift! This job is A LOT better than his last where we only saw him 1 day a week for 3 months straight. While he is off making us the money I turned into miss Susie homemaker. I take care of the kids, boat, do laundry(with 3 guys-it's never ending) and make sure dinner is ready when daddy Luuck comes home...who would've ever thought?! Not I...but here I am doing it- Stormer helps me a lot and has become the little chef as well- we make dinner together. I am in love with the wonderbag- it makes my life so much easier!! I use it daily making dinner in the after noon- so it's ready in time. Less fuss later when the kids are on the breaking point after a long day! We are a total team,Luuck and I, to make this lifestyle work for us and that's what I love- we couldn't do it without one another. Our "jobs" while being very different are both equally important. Appreciation...we have for one another...

We are currently shopping for a car as much as I love the marina, I still need off the "compound"with the kids. And with Stormer getting more into activities it's needed. Luuck has gotten back into rugby and I back into yoga. We have done some island exploring on luucks days off and I must say every single beach we have seen has been beautiful here! Clear water, white sand, palms- very picturesque! I can get use to it here, I think. We have yet to go out cruising the area but just seeing Tortola I see why this is such a popular destination with bareboat charters and cruisers alike. We have just recently made a trip to St Thomas, (I wouldn't call the quick sail there cruising) as our tourist extensions were denied. We had to leave with less than 24 hour notice and get medicals done for Stormer and myself to come back in as dependents. While busy getting the doctor stuff done there we got a chance to see some of the island...I LOVE IT!! St Thomas is awesome! I haven't lived in the states over 7 years and in that time I've been home for a total of 8 I was crazed, happy and excited to see "home comforts" only a short sail away. It totally makes me love where we are at even more!! A video of our trip is in the making!! We will get out cruising this summer when the crowds have thinned out and work isn't so busy. Until then we are just living the island life!