Captain Daddy Luuck
Luuck is a citizen of the world- no real "home base" he was born in St Maarten and claims he's Dutch. He grew up in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia till 14 then finished school and university in England. Moved back to St Maarten after Uni and met a wild American girl he fell head over heels in love with. He is a true optimist- looks on the bright side of things- glass is half full kinda person. His positive attitude and bright out look has kept us afloat!  He holds a 200ton RYA commercially endorsed captains license and is the driving force behind our sailing excursion.


First Mate / Boss Mommy Darcy
Is a true mid west girl growing up in Football country Ohio. At the age of 17 she was ready for some adventure and so packed up her car and headed south to South Carolina where she went to Coastal Carolina University. Darcy has always been a girl who wants to see more and no adventure is crazy enough. After college she moved to New York and did property management and feeling the "rat race" was not for her in 2009 Darcy went on vacation to St Maarten and met a handsome guy, Luuck, someone who was like minded and wanted to travel and see the world just like her. Match made in heaven. Darcy is a girl with no fear pushing Luuck to fear limit,  one of our first dates was a sky dive and then doing the highest commercial bungee jump in South Africa, not to mention before we bought our first boat she never stepped on a sail boat. Darcy is wild, crazy and says it how it is kinda girl.


Super Hero Stormer
stormer was born in St Martin, FWI on October 22, 2011! He already has over 2,000 nautical miles under his belt! He LOVES the water and is a great swimmer- he's a true water pup! Swimming tropical reefs, jumping off the back of the boat, fishing, paddle boarding and driving the dingy are some of his daily activities. He also loves hermit crabs, dinosaurs and any/every Holiday. He is an avid traveler visiting over 10 countries. This kid is full of energy and life-he puts a smile on all our faces- a true joy to be around.

Captain in Training Rio
Rio was born in Grenada, WI on March 16, 2015. He is following his big brothers footsteps in loving the water: Swimming and jumping off the back of the boat already! He has lived his whole life on the boat. He LOVES, playing with cars, balls, trains, and running. He is a machine... He knows what he wants and let's you know when he wants it- and that usually means now! He is very inquisitive, determined and very interested in everything we do- especially his big brother Stormer. He has big bright eyes and a contagious smile.