We are the Soeters in Sunkissed Soeters! We have traveling on our minds and adventure running through our veins! We traveled around the world for a year. Trains, planes, buses, scooters, elephants, slow boats, ferries, tuk tuks, campervans...we've used every means of transportation available!! We jumped out of planes, off bridges, white water rafted, explored caves, climbed mountains, surfed and scuba dived. We drove over 10,000 miles between both Australia and New Zealand...we lived in a van for over 3 months.
We took on the world together and then... we got engaged, married, and banged out 2 beautiful baby boys! We are partners in crime, best friends, and soul mates. And this was just the start of of wild and crazy life we created together!  The adventure had to continue even with the babies and the best way to do that we figured was on a boat. So, for the last 4 years we've been living aboard.
Our first boat, Yolo, was a Freedom 32 and a perfect starting boat. We learned a lot on her and she allowed us to start our dream. We sailed all the leeward and windward islands 3 times with her. We put her up for sale knowing we wanted to continue our dream of sailing and having a bigger family.
Our second boat, Kalani, a Corbin 39, is a perfect family boat, for us. We sailed Kalani up from Grenada to BVI. For the time being we are  located in the BVI working to fill that cruising kitty so we can have even more awesome fun adventures all around this beautiful world! Hope you all come along for the ride!!