imageWell Folks...Its safe to say I'm the world's most terrible blogger/vlogger around. I haven't written or signed on in so long that I actually forgot my username and password...again! When I do get around to write or edit a video...its always rushed... With 2 kids running around on our tiny floating home I'm half crazed and get side tracked easily. I do apologize! I am going to try and get more involved in this promises tho!

What have we been up to that past couple months?? Well Luuck has been busy with work. It is hurricane season so it has slowed down some. The horrible "H" season is almost over and we got out untouched...thank God. This was our first season outside of the "safe zone".  We have had a few sailing excursions to neighboring islands during the down time. This time of year everything is so quite, a lot of stuff is closed but that means we get the whole beautiful anchorages to ourselves. What experience we lose in not seeing the lively-ness in season hustle we gain in actually seeing the raw beauty of the island itself. I can't complain!

The kids and I had a quick trip home to the states to see my mom...Which was great! Stormer has been involved in soccer, tennis and started kindergarten(homeschool). Rio has been growing up so fast and at the stage where he wants to be naked all the time..Whoo hooo for cleaning up baby pee daily! I myself have been busy trying to be a teacher/mommy/wife/planner/chef/cleaner...the list is never ending! Never a dull moment here on kalani...never!

What are our plans....well we just had an amazing, beautiful and most importantly comfortable sail to St Maarten. The Anegada passages is one of the most dreaded in these parts....beating into the waves and wind. We picked an awesome calm 5-10kts of wind outta the South and it was amazing- we made it in just about 18 hours. The moon was full and was amazingly big rising- it was beautiful! We have some stuff that we need to do here, boat work projects included and of course seeing friends, family, and eat a ton of French cheese!! So we are kicking it in the land of greatness for the next month or so before Luuck has to go back to work for another busy season of charters!!

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