Lunch in the cockpit!
Lunch in the cockpit!

A cool breeze flowing down the hatches, sunshine glaring in- making the boat look bright and happy, the feel of the ocean as it gently rocks the boat back and forth, the smell...oh the smell....smells like home for me...clean laundry, sunshine, ocean, and earth all mixed into one glorious fragrance.

We love being back out on the water! LOVE! It's been only a week now but we know the novelty of the "newness" won't fade because....well...we love this lifestyle...that's why we bought the boat... We knew what we were signing up for leaving the dock. We are back in nature and spend a lot more time outside on the deck, in the cockpit and in the sea. The view here is amazing- you can see the beautiful hills of St John and St Thomas behind us. The Internet is better than it was on the dock and we have our good friends, Jody & Peter from Where The Coconuts Grow on a ball in front of us.

The kids love it as well- Stormer is back to fishing, paddle boarding, jumping off the back and exploring the ocean- it really is his playground all in its own. He dives down comes up...."there's a puffer fish down there, daddy!" It doesn't get much better than that for a 4 year old. Rio watches his brother in amazement slowly picking up new skills of his own.

We do have our challenges out being the transportation via dingy...loading the kids up with life jackets, and bags is work especially on my own. I'm happy to say it isn't as bad as I thought it would be tho. Stormer is quite the helper- he pulls the dingy in for us, hops on alone and even unties us....he's such an awesome little dude! Another challenge is these little kids use a lot! And not to mention my new washer!! We are currently looking for a water maker to change our life!!

Overall the move has been great for us and the good from it out weighs any of the challenges we face.

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