Beep beep- watch out!! We bought a car!! This island beauty is 26 years old and purrs like a kitten. I'm not going to lie this is the best island car we have ever had to date! I love the vintage look of her- we just need some surf boards on top and we'd really look cool! I am so so so happy we finally have a car! With no public transport on this island (except expensive taxis) we were limited to what we could do. Now we've been out and about and going on adventures almost daily!

Island cars are always expensive...ALWAYS! The roads are always in need of repair...pot holes galore. Speed bumps are very very frequent and some unmarked...."oops sorry kids!!" Caribbean drivers are crazy...when it comes to driving no one is on island time...rush rush rush it is! The cars in the islands take a beating and we figured it's best to buy island Junkers we really don't care about not only because a junker is all we can really afford, they are going to get dented, smashed, sandy, abused and cost you money to fx in the garage anyway.

One of our first island vehicles we bought living in St Maarten was a white 50cc scooter (I named Roma) and Luuck got a matching silver 50cc scooter- I liked to call ourselves the Soeters Scooter Gang! Once we found out we were with child we traded our kickass scooters in for a 2 door Jimney that the air didn't big deal...until....the window motors decided to quit- no ac and no the hot Caribbean heat...their was a lot of cursing! That car was chucked after we had Stormer...he would've otherwise died of a heat stroke... And got Hyundai Accent that only had 2 working door handles...but hey...the ac and all 4 Windows worked-who cares the passenger had to climb thru the window- it was a step up! Luuck eventually fixed the handles! Grenada we also purchased a car for the birth of Rio- once again an old junker, that literally broke down on the way to the hospital to give birth leaving Luuck to run 3 miles uphill at 1am to the hospital...we have a drama filled birth story- I'll save for another time tho. We ended up having to rent a car to come home from the hospital- nice, new  rental and guess what...that broke down too! Ahhh our island never know what you are going to get!

So this beast has been good to us so far! I even braved a road called the elevator, which in a "normal" first world country it would be illegal to build, I'm sure! It's a 90 degree incline: on the way up I feared of falling backwards and once I started to smell something funny...of burning... My palms sweating- I kept say, "please God, please God please..." Stormer talking of something in the backseat about fish I mumbled back, "Be quite please, I'm concentrating!" he flowed back sounding like his dad, "Why because of the car? Don't worry mommy, its f$@&ing powerful...just step on it!" Laughing, I listen to my 4 year old backseat driver and put the peddle to the metal. Our 4 year old hears everything we say...even when we think he's not listening!! We made it up but I dreaded going back down. Going down was more scary than going up- Needless to say even though our car can handle that road I will avoid the elevator at all costs. Most of the roads here are in decent condition and are all very scenic. The main road wraps around the island like a snake following the sea and the roads leading up in the hills you have a gorgeous view of the surrounding island. That's one thing for sure- their is beauty always around!

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