Dock life is great! Run outta water??? No problem... Let me just step off the boat to land, grab the hose and fill up the tank! I pad dead??? No worries let me plug it in next to the other iPads and cell phones already charging! Is it hotter than hairy monkey balls out there??? Who cares the ac is blowing and it's an Arctic Tundra inside our boat...hop aboard! Yup, there are major major bonuses being on the dock.

I've written before about how awesome Nanny Cay is...the marina of all marinas- it is awesome and we do love it! We could comfortable stay here...pretty much forever. The thought of leaving is kinda scary...why leave a good thing, right?? And that is exactly why we have decided to get off the dock and go onto a mooring ball in a new location. We got into a comfort zone here(which that's good, comfort zones can be great) but here's the thing about a comfort's a magical place where nothing ever grows! Why bother going out trying a new restaurant or grocery store or anything when the convenience is right here...we need new, we need to explore!

That including with we are paying an arm and a leg every month in "rent"- this awesomeness comes with a price and rightfully so. It hurts every month to hand over our hard earned cash to pay for a slip that is enough to be renting a 2 bed house. We bought a boat to have the freedom, to live "off the grid" so to speak, to not be a slave to bills. We are working just to live and that's not for us. We have dreams of doing other things else where in this world so we have to start saving to achieve that. And while here was a great spot to get accustomed to the new island we get to call home and get on our feet- I am truly thankful for this spot was great! It's time for us to find greatness else where and save some cash! To get back on the water, hatches open, swimming off the back, showering- shaving my legs and armpits off the back in the sunshine for all to see!! Goodbye dock life- hello beautiful openness!!

One thought on “Change is on the horizon…

  1. Hilda Riese

    Nice blog.. and freedom is priceless enjoy the pleasures of living on your fabulous sailboat with hatches open wind blowing it's a wonderful life


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