The little Caribbean island at the bottom of the chain- the one I called home for 2 years- Grenada- has been rocked this past week by the disappearance of a Canadian National- a wife and mother of 2 boys. She went missing while out jogging with her dog Sunday morning in the Lance Au Pines area. An area I know well and walked around often when anchored in Mt Hartman or Prickly Bay.

Grenada- the spice island-it's raw, natural, not as built up as other Caribbean islands and beautiful. The locals are friendly, helpful and are proud of their island. I personally can say I never felt unsafe or uncomfortable there- we totally enjoyed all Grenada had to offer.

So I was shocked when I heard the story of Linnea Veinotte-While yes bad things happen every single second of the day around the world, I personally had never had anything like this hit so close to home nor could I imagine it happening in a place like Grenada. I checked into her Facebook page a few times a day to see the new developments. I followed friends of hers, that are also friends of mine that went to SGU(the American medical school there) to see if they heard something sooner than the press release. I didn't know her personally but we knew her husband, Matt. It is such a terrible, unthinkable thing that has happened. And I for one am still unsure of what exactly happened. Did she get hit by a car and the driver panic and took her? Did he abduct her? Murder? Accident? While we do know though her body was found shortly after the local suspected man turned himself in.

My heart is broken for that family and to the children that no longer have their mommy physically present. To the husband that lost his partner- my deepest condolences. Couldn't even imagine...

Hug your loved ones a little tighter and be thankful for the people in your life and the life you are living right now...

2 thoughts on “The unthinkable in Grenada…

  1. Amy

    I have been following this closely, too. Very shocking and sad :( I am struggling to process this situation. It just doesn't make sense for something so terrible to happen to such a wonderful family in Grenada. I always felt so safe there. This is so heartbreaking and unfair.


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