The little Caribbean island at the bottom of the chain- the one I called home for 2 years- Grenada- has been rocked this past week by the disappearance of a Canadian National- a wife and mother of 2 boys. She went missing while out jogging with her dog Sunday morning in the Lance Au Pines area. An area I know well and walked around often when anchored in Mt Hartman or Prickly Bay.

Grenada- the spice island-it's raw, natural, not as built up as other Caribbean islands and beautiful. The locals are friendly, helpful and are proud of their island. I personally can say I never felt unsafe or uncomfortable there- we totally enjoyed all Grenada had to offer.

So I was shocked when I heard the story of Linnea Veinotte-While yes bad things happen every single second of the day around the world, I personally had never had anything like this hit so close to home nor could I imagine it happening in a place like Grenada. I checked into her Facebook page a few times a day to see the new developments. I followed friends of hers, that are also friends of mine that went to SGU(the American medical school there) to see if they heard something sooner than the press release. I didn't know her personally but we knew her husband, Matt. It is such a terrible, unthinkable thing that has happened. And I for one am still unsure of what exactly happened. Did she get hit by a car and the driver panic and took her? Did he abduct her? Murder? Accident? While we do know though her body was found shortly after the local suspected man turned himself in.

My heart is broken for that family and to the children that no longer have their mommy physically present. To the husband that lost his partner- my deepest condolences. Couldn't even imagine...

Hug your loved ones a little tighter and be thankful for the people in your life and the life you are living right now...


After months of cruising up from Grenada we made it to our final destination- Tortola!! It is awesome to be here- it's a new group of islands that we never explored AND (the best part) we are reunited with our long time cruising buddies and BFF's, windtraveler!!! OMG!!!

The sail up from st Maarten was a little rough- the kids barely slept and I was losing my mind-at one point I told Stormer through gritted teeth, "if you don't go to sleep I'm taking all your toys" which was then followed by crying and screams of "nooooo don't take my toys"-silly mommy for thinking I could"scare" him to sleep! Sleep deprevation does something to you...I tell ya!! We made it through the night-barely. We saw a beautiful sunrise- a sky full of gold, then orange, then pink and valllaaaaa we saw our new home in the distance, by the light of a new day-a new beginning for us- amazing!

We pulled into Roadtown after 16 hours sailing 91miles and anchored. We hurried off to meet Scott, Brittany and Isla where they were awaiting for our arrival on shore. This has been in the making for months! It's hard to believe we've been apart almost 2 years. It sure doesn't feel that way- we talk to them so often and probably talk about them daily it feels like no time has passed between us. But it has- they had beautiful twin girls - and we had a beautiful little boy in that time. A lot has changed! We have a lot of catching up and bottles of wine to drink!! It was a very quick reunion- having to get down to business but was so awesome to see Stormer and Isla hug and take off running holding hands chasing chickens!! Luuck and Scott ran off to immigration to do paper work! Luuck is a trooper- sailed all night and ran around all the next day on no sleep to take care of the work permit stuff- we are now residents of the bvi's!!

We are now getting use to life attached to the dock. The first few days I was in some sort of funk trying to find a routine,being on my own with 2 kids and missing my partner in crime, Luuck. But dock life is growing on me rather quickly- I don't have to worry about water/energy consumption, we have ac, good internet,hot showers, a nice pool, beach and beach bar. The kids like it as well - riding bikes, talking to Nama on skype daily and watching movies. It is so nice to have close friends to hang out with as well-awesome actually. We have yet to do any real exploring as Luuck has been busy making much needed mooola at his new job( more details on that to come soon) so all is good with us!!


We LOVE yogurt! Every morning it's the appetizer to our main breakfast- we are a little piggy-ish over here on Kalani. Down in the Islands yogurt is expensive- 6usd for a tub and that adds up if you are going through 3 a week. And throughout The Grendians most places it's non existent and if it is around it's also" homemade" and to me taste like dirty socks. Beware the homemade yogurt in Bequia!!!. So while home stateside I scoped out the best way for us to have yogi- introducing the Easiyo!!!

It's basically a thermo but first go around we love it!! Uses no electricity - which is important living on a boat. They do sell flavored sachets but are expensive being shipped to the good old' US of A as it's based out of New Zealand and I was concerned of weight in our luggage back to the islands. So after some research this recipe worked well...

4 cups milk
1/2 cup powdered milk (if you like it thicker yogurt add more- the more powdered milk )

STARTER (I used a packet of freeze dried powder they sold at a natural food store- may be hard to find in the islands)


1. Heat the 4 cups of milk in a pan until it hits 180 degrees ( a thermometer would be needed)

2. Put the milk in the fridge until it is COLD. Put half the milk in the Easiyo container with the starter and the powdered milk (if you want the thicker yogurt) Shake and then add the remaining milk and shake up again.

3. Boil the water stove top to pour into the thermo.

4. Then 5-10 hours later you take it out. Put it into the fridge to completely chill. This helps thicken it. I'm still trying to figure out the right amount of just have to peek and see if it's thicken. Leaving in too long will cause very tart yogi.

And BAM- you have yogurt!! Sweeten it up with honey or liquid sugar or even add some coconut, lemon, strawberry, or vanilla extract for flavoring- but add only after made as it doesn't turn out right otherwise.